About Cookies

This page explains how we use cookies when you visit to us.

Cookies are small text files that a web server can save in a web browser to keep track of information during and between visits to a website.

We use both our own cookies (navigation) and third-party cookies (visitor statistics and advertising).

We use cookies to:

  • collect visitor statistics,
  • measure and analyze how our site works (eg loading times),
  • facilitate navigation on the site,
  • deliver the site content as quickly and efficiently as possible,
  • show relevant advertising to our visitors and collect ad impression statistics.
  • On our websites, so-called third-party cookies are used. For example, when we use Google Analytics for website analytics, some cookies are set by Google. The purpose of these cookies is to understand how our site is used and how to improve it.

    Our advertisers also set third-party cookies to show personalized ads (if you approved), as well as to follow up how the advertisement worked

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